The Buro team’s summer beauty switch-ups

The Buro team’s summer beauty switch-ups

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A change of season calls for a revamp in all of our beauty kits

Balmy nights, humid days and scorching temperatures - we are well and truly into the summer season, which calls for a seasonal switch-up on our go-to beauty essentials. Here are the Buro team's essential heat-proof products that are currently on rotation: 

Rebecca Caratti, editor

The Buro team’s summer beauty switch-ups (фото 1)

1. Charlotte Tilbury The Complete Makeup Brush Set, $475 
I like to start the season with a fresh set of makeup brushes.  I love whatever Charlotte Tilbury does and her brush set is heaven!

2. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum, $123
For summer, I always switch my scents to a something a little sweeter.  My favourites are always Love B by Balenciaga and of course, Chanel mademoiselle.

3. Lancome Miracle Cushion Compact, $60 
Like everyone, my hair gets lighter in summer and skin darker - so need to switch up foundation colour to a darker shade.

Yeong Sassall, commercial editor

The Buro team’s summer beauty switch-ups (фото 2) 

1. Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment, $154
I'm getting married next year and I need to start using big-gun skincare products. I love the way this refines the texture of my skin.

2. Kérastase Discipline Shampoo and Conditioner, $42 & $62
Humidity is the bane of my existence, so a calming, frizz-fighting regime starts in the shower. If you have curly, wavy or unruly hair, Kerastase's Discipline range will be your MVP in summer.

 3. Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder Translucent, $62
I struggle with excess shine on the best of days, so a light translucent powder is a must in summer.

Brittany Lane, producer and beauty editor 

The Buro team’s summer beauty switch-ups (фото 3)1. Chantecaille Just Skin in Glow, $105 
I've been using this holy grail of tinted moisturisers every summer for years. Your skin feels naked, I love the added SPF, and it still delivers enough coverage to hide any unwanted blemishes. 

2. Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Glow Pads, $50 
My #no.1 holiday essential! One swipe before bedtime and I'm woken to the most delicious golden face tan. They also act a great little exfoliator, so my skin looks naturally radiant and feels way smoother.  

I have an obsession with Tom Ford fragrances, but the EDT's are a little too strong for those hot humid days. Instead, I switch to TF's signature holiday scent Neroli Portofino in the spray form - more subtle, less shouty, but still smell's incredible.   

Divya Bala, producer 

The Buro team’s summer beauty switch-ups (фото 4)

1. SK-II Mid-day Essense Spray, $75 
This is perfect for a refreshing, hydrating little spritz between the dry heat outside and the Arctic air conditioning in the office. Plus it protects against UV rays.

2. Le Labo Santal 33 Body Moisturiser, $66
After a decade-long search for my signature scent, I discovered Santal 33 but found it to be quite intense for the summer months. So, when the mercury rises, I use the scented body moisturiser as it's more subtle.

3. Sisley Paris So Intense Mascara, $75
Mascara is my jam, lots of it. So to find one that is smudge-proof and still gets people asking if I'm wearing false lashes is basically my beauty Holy Grail.

The Buro team’s summer beauty switch-ups (фото 5)

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