Blush is back! Here's how to wear it

Blush is back! Here's how to wear it

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Text: Anna McClelland

It's the original contouring tool, and you need it in your kit

Poor old blush. It used to be essential to any girl's make-up routine, until it got ditched for contour cream, bronzer and highlighter. But if you've binned your blush, you're missing out. "Nothing emulates health and vitality more than fresh flushed cheeks," says Estée Lauder's national education and special events manager, Nica Marcello. "There's still a place for blush even when you want to contour - without it you can sometimes look flat." With that in mind, we quizzed Marcello on the right way to wear blush, and what to avoid - rosy cheeks, yes; clown face, no.

What common blush faux pas should women try to avoid? 
"Choosing the right tone. Generally peach and apricot tones suit most women. A good way to see if a tone suits you is to pinch your cheeks to see what colour you are when you are flushed. You can then choose a deeper or lighter shade, depending on the intensity you want. Placement is another blush faux pas; applying it too low on the cheek can drag the face down. The same applies for placing blush too close the nose which leaves the face unbalanced."

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Is cream blush best for certain skin types? 
"Cream blush is perfect for those that tend to have more of a dry skin. It is also a great texture to be used in the evening to add that enviable glow to the skin."

Are there any rules for wearing cream blush?
"To avoid looking 'doll like', it's a good idea to apply cream blush with a foundation brush and blend as you apply. If you do apply with your fingertips, use small quick patting motions and always blend upwards."

What about powder blush? 
"Powder blushes are great for normal/combination and oily skins. Keep the brush high on the cheekbones to lift the face. Always blend upward then down so you avoid the stripe effect."

What colours are trending this winter? 
"This winter it's all about flushed cheeks, so imagine the colour of your cheeks from the winter cold; Cherry, pink and burgundy tones for women with warmer skin tones."

Blush is back! Here's how to wear it (фото 2)

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