Bella Hadid’s make-up artist reveals his top tips for summer

Bella Hadid’s make-up artist reveals his top tips for summer

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We chat to Clinique global colour artist and celebrity make-up extraordinaire Damian Garazzo on his impressive clientele, two-tone lips , and why 'smart layering' is a thing

Former ballroom dancer Damian Garazzo first discovered the magic of make-up when he had to at last minute apply his fellow dance partner's. The spark was officially ignited, and at just 20 years-old, Damian packed up and moved to Paris to start his career in make-up.  Fast-forward a couple of years, and Garazzo has worked with clients like Chanel, Dior, Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld and has supermodels like Bella Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Erin Wasson, Gigi Hadid, and Rosie Huntington-Whitely regularly requesting his expertise.  We spoke to the Cairns-born pro when he was in Sydney recently, here's what he had to say:

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How did you get into the world of make-up?

Totally by accident! I was an avid Ballroom Dancer in my teens, and one day my dancing partner's makeup artist cancelled last minute the morning of a competition in Singapore.I had no other choice to but to step up to the plate. That day I picked up my first makeup brush at age 14. From then on I was hooked and spent all my spare time researching (pre-Instagram and YouTube era!) and loitering around makeup counters. Then, one day I was flicking through Australian Vogue and noticed some behind the scenes shots on set a photo shoot.It was the first moment I realized being a "makeup artist" was a job! I still to this day have that same Vogue Australia cover hanging in my apartment in Paris.

What is the most requested make-up look at the moment?

Non-touring.. Women are over the complicated paint-by-numbers method of contouring, highlighting etc., and are veering more towards quick, easy to do techniques that'll have them looking sculpted and out the door in minutes.

What is the secret to your make-up lasting all day/night?

Smart layering! Pair like with like, and match your moisturizer type to your foundation type. For example, for those who prefer an oil-free moisturiser make sure you follow with an oil-free foundation such as Clinique Superbalanced Silk Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF15. Apply a light layer of foundation, and then build up the coverage only where needed as opposed to a thick layer all over the face, to ensure longer wear. If you're using a cream blush make sure to set it with a powder blush in a similar shade, then keep a compact translucent powder with you to keep shine at bay throughout the day/night.

What is a make-up trend you love for summer?

Two tone lips! I'm genuinely in love with the new Clinique Pop Matte Lip Colour + Primer range, and lately have been using Ruby Pop as a base and dabbing Rose Pop in the centre of lips with my finger to really amp up the brightness. This colour combo looks great all year round, but especially at bringing out the glow in sun kissed skin. Also, the added vitamin E and mango butter ensure that my client's lips stay hydrated all day long, meaning less touch-ups  throughout the day.

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What is a make-up trend you think people need to stop following?

Contouring with bronzer. The shadows on your face are naturally cool toned, so using something warm like a bronzer screams: "I contoured!"Good contouring should be invisible to the naked eye.

You work with a lot of high-profile celebrity clients, how do you decide what make-up look you do on them? 

It depends on the client, sometimes they give me free reign and tell me just to "make them look beautiful", which can be fun. Other times it's a more involved process, like at Cannes Film Festival for example where we work together with the stylist and hairstylist etc. to create a look to perfectly compliment the client's dress, jewels etc. That's what I love about my job, no two days are the same! 

You've worked a lot with Bella Hadid, what is your favourite look to do on the model? 

Bella is gorgeous inside and out, and most of all she's a true professional. She's always very present during the hair/makeup process which makes our job much easier! Bella is the whole package, so makeup tends not to be the focus on her look, she just doesn't need it! With her I like to focus on glowing skin, polished brows and a health flush to the cheeks and lips. We always end up having a laugh while getting ready; she's got a great sense of humour!

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Top 3 products you always have in your kit:

A good creamy concealer, waterproof black mascara and red lipstick. 

Your best make-up advice is...

Don't be afraid of trying new things. Play with new colours & techniques at home in the mirror and see what works best for you. Take photos of yourself and see how it looks with the flash. Then, when you find a look that makes you feel good, you'll be able to step out the door confidently knowing you've put your best face forward!  This kind of confidence is infectious, and it'll soon start to ripple (positively) into all aspects of your life.

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