Aussie stunner Isabelle Cornish talks beauty, fitness and how she’s ‘slaying’ life

Aussie stunner Isabelle Cornish talks beauty, fitness and how she’s ‘slaying’ life

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‘Puberty Blues’ star Isabelle Cornish shares her new #GoSlay campaign for Revlon plus her beauty, health and fitness tips and what exactly Fluffbutter is

Star-on-the-rise Isabelle Cornish is best known for her turn as Vicki in Puberty Blues - but since the show wrapped in 2014 Aussie-born Cornish has been quietly working on a slew of new creative projects including taking to the streets of New York playing official photographer for Revlon's #GoSlay campaign.

Inspired by Revlon's best-selling foundation 24hour ColorStay - Cornish spent 24 hours hitting the Big Apple's streets with the mission to find and photograph women "slaying it" in their own unique way - Cornish was challenged to wear Revlon's 24hour Colorstay foundation during the 24 hour shoot with no makeup touch-ups allowed (because who has time for that?). 

Image credit: Lynda Churilla

A camera crew followed Cornish and she completely nailed the challenge saying, "It was a really fun adventure... I just loved the style of the campaign, I loved how real it was, I loved that it was all about empowering women... if I saw someone on the street that I thought was slaying it in their own particular way then I would just tap them on the shoulder and say "hey do you mind if I get a photo of you?"" Cornish also noted the foundation lived up the challenge saying, " stays on all day."

Isabelle Cornish in NYC for Revlon. Image: Lynda Churilla

24-hour challenges aside, photography is a passion of Cornish's that she's been into since she was a kid and says her interest in it, " really how I started getting into acting...I remember using all my savings to buy myself a video camera and film camera and I used to spend all my time as a kid and a teenager making movies and taking photos... I always carry a film camera with me I travel." And there's been a ton of travel on the agenda recently with Cornish making a brief pit stop here in Australia after months spent shooting Marvel's new sci-fi adventure TV series Inhumans in Oahu, Hawaii (Inhumans will premier in August this year).

All that travel and on-set living can take a toll on your diet which is challenging for a plant-based eater like Cornish (she doesn't like the term 'vegan') but did lead to her discovery of new fave snacks, No Cow Bars and Fluffbutter,  "When I travel one of the most difficult things is to find plant-based protein bars that don't have sugar in them. And this year this guy came out with these bars (No Cow Bars) and Fluffbutter. It's the first vegan protein bar I've found in the whole wide world that doesn't have sugar in it... if I'm travelling or I'm on set I don't have time to eat I just need quick energy and something to sustain me. He also came out with Fluffbutter - it's a plant-based almond butter protein spread thing... It's like the healthy version of Nutella."

Despite Cornish's hunt for no-sugar protein bars, she confesses to a "massive sweet tooth" which she quenches the healthy way via "monk fruit sweetener and stevia" and if you follow her on Insta you'll know that she also takes her fitness very seriously. Keenly into sport she was young (Cornish used to walk or skateboard to and from school) she now stays fit by riding her bike around her home base of LA and mixing it up with different fitness classes available through Class Pass - her top pick being Barry's Bootcamp - the brutal class that bills itself as "the best workout in the world".


As for Cornish's secret to glowing skin she uses Mukti Organics skincare products on her face, pawpaw ointment on her lips and during the day "...sunscreen with Revlon's ColorStay concealer and Revlon's All-In-One mascara... At night, if I'm going out or if I've got an audition then I'll use the ColorStay foundation."

For more information head to Revlon ColorStay Foundation is available at leading pharmacies for $34.95.

Aussie stunner Isabelle Cornish talks beauty, fitness and how she’s ‘slaying’ life (фото 1)

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