8 ways you’re messing up your skin without realising it

8 ways you’re messing up your skin without realising it

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Text: Lucie Clark

You wash your make-up off every night, eat your greens and drink a ton of water, so why does your skin still look messed up?

Everyone's looking to get glowing, radiant A-lister skin, which is not too much to ask, right? So what is the secret? Models and Hollywood stars always say it's simply removing make-up before bed, avoiding alcohol, eating right, and chugging back the H2O like it's the last drop on the planet. However, that's not all there is to this skincare story. A-lister's have access to a crack team of facialists and skincare experts to stop them from making common skincare mistakes we didn't even know we were making.

Read on for the basic face blunders we're all guilty of and how-to get your glow on.

  1. 1. Not washing your make-up brushes regularly or, like, ever
    This one's a no brainer, when you're using the same brushes day after day. They're getting clogged with make-up and bacteria, which you're brushing directly onto your skin, clogging pores and causing breakouts. Wash them every 10 days if you use them daily.

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  1. 2. Sunnies, phone and hands touching your face all the time
    Your shades sit on the bridge of your nose for a ton of time, but have you ever given them a clean? Probably not, which explains the zits on the bridge of your nose. Ditto your phone - it's pressed up against your cheeks for large chunks of talk time, clogging your pores and causing breakouts. Touching your face with anything like shades, phone or hands causes dirt to get into your skin, resulting in blemishes. Avoid touching your visage too much and clean the accessories that do.

  1. 3. Exfoliating way too often
    Your skin feels squeaky clean, super tight and pretty much fantastic when it's had a good scrub via an exfoliator, but over-exfoliating can remove your skin's protective barrier, exposing it to sun damage and bacteria, meaning breakouts. Pare back your exfoliation to a twice-weekly routine, you'll soon see the results.

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  1. 4. Not washing your face post-workout

Sweating is really good for the skin, it opens up the pores which makes for a prime cleansing opportunity. However if you're wearing a full face of make-up those wide open pores are going to get seriously clogged. Cleanse straight after your workout to avoid a major breakout. If a full line up of cleanser, toner and moisturiser doesn't fit in your gym bag, just pack a toner and some cotton wool, it'll keep it clean enough until you can do the full face drill at home.

  1. 5. Having super hot showers

There's nothing better than a steaming hot shower to kick start the day or shake off the day, but really hot water can strip your skin of essential moisture and natural healthy oils. Keep the water at a balmy temp to save your skin.

  1. 6. Swimmer's skin

Water babies beware, chlorine in swimming pools strips your skin of moisture, which causes it to dry out. Dry skin equates to wrinkles and over-production of oil to compensate for the dry factor. The solution is simple - do the 1, 2, 3 cleanse tone moisturise straight after taking a dip.
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  1. 7. Sugar highs

Sorry to be the bearer of bad food news, but excessive sugar does cause breakouts. According to Dr. Valori Terloar, dermatologist and co-author of The Clear Skin Diet, when you eat sugar, "Your body responds by cranking out more insulin, which increases the production of skin oils and contributes to the clogging of follicles. It can wreak havoc on your skin." You may need to rethink that pack of gummi bears.

  1. 8. Pillowcase face

Where you lay your head gets a pretty heavy duty dirt workout from the products in your hair and the products on your face. Avoid by washing your pillowslip regularly.

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