30 under 30: the skincare non-negotiables you should be using now

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They're the best and brightest in their category - and together, they form a formidable force in the quest for great skin this side of the big 3-0, writes Anna McClelland

Disclaimer: Forbes may not have had a say in this particular 30 Under 30 list - but some of the world's leading dermatologists have. And when it comes to matters of the face, we tend to seek their advice first. Because although you probably have less responsibilities in your twenties than you ever will again (sigh), now's the time to start getting serious about skincare.

"If there was ever an adage that applies to your skin, it would be: 'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'," says celebrity facialist Melanie Grant, who counts Nicole Trunfio, Nicole Warne and Jessica Gomes on her client list. "It's really about being clever and taking a preventative approach." If, so far, your twenties has been defined by too much drinking and not enough sleep (who, us?), this is doubly important  - vodka sodas and hangover fries does not a flawless visage make.

Whether you're oily, dry or that dreaded 'combination,' these are the essentials your face will thank you for - now and in the years to come. "I always recommend my clients in their twenties use a great antioxidant serum to prevent free radical damage, along with a good quality, broad spectrum sunscreen," advises Grant. As for everything else? Consider this your complete skincare guide to see you through the next decade - without a pimple or wrinkle in sight. 

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