14 secrets from Kendall Jenner’s make-up artist

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From Kendall Jenner’s favourite lip colours to her off-duty beauty regime, Yeong Sassall gets the inside goss on what it’s like to make up one of the most famous faces in the world

Estée Lauder's Victor Henao has the blissful job of being Kendall Jenner's main man when it comes all things beauty and make-up. While we're sure it's not exactly difficult to make the beautiful even more stunning, when he was in Sydney yesterday, we naturally had plenty of questions to probe him with, especially concerning the infamous Miss Jenner, spokesmodel for Estée Lauder. Here's what he had to say:

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What are your go-to products when doing Kendall's make-up?
A good foundation is key. Kendall is the typical California girl so bronzer is always really beautiful on her. Our Bronze Goddess bronzer is really good on her and it's one my favourites. And then mascara, a nice lip, and liquid liner is always good for her - she likes a really tight line.

Are there any specific lip colours? I know she looks good with a strong lip...
She has a rotation of five lipsticks - Lethal Red Liquid Lip Potion; Insatiable Ivory which is this really natural pinky/beigey/nude lipstick; her colour Restless; Daring - a red shade; and Carnal - that was the first colour I ever put on her.

If Kendall were to pick her own colour what would she pick?
It's either nude or red, there's no pink. I did do a bright pink colour on her about a year and a half ago in Paris and everyone wrote about it, it was so pretty on her. She doesn't really go for the cool tones, she gravitates towards something a little bit warmer. It's that sunshine, sunrise vibe about her.

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Do you tend to go for a strong eye or a strong lip with her, or can you do both?
For red carpet stuff when she has a bigger say, it's a little bit on the natural side. She doesn't wear a lot of make-up in public. You know I read somewhere that Kylie can do her own make-up in 15 minutes and it's a full face, but I don't even know that Kendall does foundation on an everyday basis. When it's red carpet she likes to be a little bit more authentic to herself, which is super natural.

Kendall seems like she's the least into make-up compared to the rest of her family.
I think in the family she is for sure. She's from a different generation, though. You know, her older sisters are from that generation where it's typical for a girl to wear that much make-up on an everyday basis. But I think that [for a] generations of 20 year olds in 2016, they're just a little bit more carefree about it.

In terms of her complexion, is there any product, colour or technique that you avoid?
I would never say never - that's my rule of thumb for life.

What are some of her favourite products?
Bronze Goddess was the first product she fell in love with - she fell in love with the colour and the texture. More recently I introduced her to Double Wear Makeup To Go, which is a beautiful foundation that's really easy to apply on the go, because she's constantly in a car, or an airplane. And she liked lip gloss in Shameless Glow and Sumptuous Knockout Mascara.

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Is there anything surprising about Kendall that we wouldn't know?
She's shy!

Really? As in camera shy?
No. I've never seen anybody light up so much in front of the camera, it's really astonishing watching her go from this shy, kind of conservative 20 year old to this model in front of the camera. You see the star power and understand why she's successful, why she's in front of the camera. The shift is so beautiful to watch. She's definitely taught me about being in front of people and in front of the camera - you try to be what people want you to be, in terms of understanding what the audience wants. That's really important.

At the recent Estée Lauder event, you mentioned that your favourite Kendall make-up moment was last year's Met Gala look. Talk us through what you did.
I think that look had all the qualities that make-up should have - beautiful skin, beautiful contour, beautiful glow. There was texture to the skin, there was enough matteness, enough coverage. The eye was really simple using a nude palette, then I used a little bit of pencil to shade and fill in the brows, and a really tight eyeliner with a bit of a wing and then tons of mascara. I did of couple of tiny individual lashes, hair by hair and gave her a lip in Insatiable Ivory. I probably only used six or seven products.

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She generally always looks amazing. What's the trick with her make-up?
We layer a lot, so we spend a lot of time doing her skin, layering her foundation, highlighting, very natural contouring. I think that's the trick when you're doing natural make-up like Kendall's - the layering process and being conscious of where to put things. You're adding more product but [doing it] sheer so it lasts longer. I saw pictures of her after the Met Gala in her after-party dress and her make-up still looked perfect, which was really bizarre. And I realised that after being on set with her for long days, the more you layer and the more time we take to apply everything the longer lasting it's going to be.

What's your number one beauty trick?
There's this trick that I do, even if it's a natural eye, I apply bronzer on the crease and under the eye.  It does a couple of things - one, the orange in the bronzer really lightens up eyes, no matter what colour and two, it brings life back into the eye, sort of like eye contouring. It gives dimension into the eye and makes everything look really natural.

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Any make-up tricks for looking good in a selfie?
Well, a natural contour is always nice for a selfie because you can smudge it back into the skin. I love a gloss in a selfie, I think there's something really beautiful about texture. So keep the skin is a little glossy and the lip a little glossy, I think that's pretty. I never powder the skin, because I like it to look really dewy and natural.

If you've only got five minutes to do your face what should you focus on?
Under the eye, because that's the first place that shows age and tiredness - that takes about two minutes. If you've already taken the time to figure out what foundation is perfect for you, then it would take an extra minute doing your foundation. A nice coat of mascara, count that as a 20 or 30 second job. Then something to groom your brows, even just a comb. And then a lip product. If you have time, add a bronzer or blush.

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