She used to tag along to big sis Dakota's movie premieres wearing overalls embroidered with teapots (slide 29!), but Elle Fanning has blossomed into a Chanel-muse-worthy beauty

With her glowing porcelain skin and white blonde locks, Elle Fanning has always radiated a nymph-like, other-worldly sort of beauty - it's no surprise she was cast in new film The Neon Demon - and it's a look her stylists have been quick to accentuate, swathing her in pastel chiffon, frothy tulle and luminous silks for almost all her red carpet appearances.

Her beauty look is similarly ethereal, with gleaming eyeshadow, some serious strobing work and hair that's often swept up into a braided coronet. But the newly minted Tiffany & Co. face and little sister of Dakota clearly also likes looks with a little edge - from her brief dalliance with brunette tresses in 2014 to her recent power ponytails. Given that she's only 18, we'd say her style is still evolving - chart her transformation from red carpet preschooler to fashion's favourite face in the gallery above. 

Who’s that girl? Elle Fanning’s evolution from child star to high fashion plate