Want shiny hair? This is the secret

Want shiny hair? This is the secret

Shiny, happy hair

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A bright, glossy head of hair is top of every girl’s beauty wish list - even those who subscribe to the bed-head school of styling and thanks to Dyson that wish is now a reality

We've all heard of the high-tech, game-changing, revolutionary Dyson Supersonic hairdryer - the first hairdryer since the '60s to offer a slick new design. It took over four and a half years for 103 of Dyson's top engineers to come up with the new look blower and it has totally paid off with the Supersonic able to deliver what every girl wants: shiny hair.

Having a "good hair day" is well-known to set you up for a happy 24 hours (or however long your killer blowout lasts) and shiny, glossy hair is the key to locking that good hair day in. Which, until now has been possible only after a visit to the blow dry bar where a profesh stylist with years of blowout experience is able to coax a frizzed out mop into shiny, glossy Victoria's Secret model-hair (because let's be honest, that's how we actually want our hair to look).

Enter the Dyson Supersonic. The R & D crew at Dyson HQ went all out on the design of the Supersonic, testing over 1,625 km of real hair during the design process to properly try out their dryer on actual tresses. "Hair dryer design hasn't fundamentally changed since the 1960s. Most hair dryers still use large, bulky motors that can only fit in the head of the machine. Ours is different. It's re-thought. Our small yet powerful digital motor sits in the handle, completely changing the way it works," says James Dyson, inventor.

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

The digital motor is one of the key differences in how the Supersonic works as is the inclusion of the glass bead thermistor which guards against extreme heat damage. Extreme heat damage is the enemy of shiny hair and traditionally where the at-home blow dry fails. With all its whiz bang gadgetry the Supersonic offers intelligent heat control and fast drying time meaning your tresses can get up close and personal with the dryer without extreme heat damage to your hair. Translation? A salon-level blowout of shiny, glossy hair.

The Dyson Supersonic retails  for $499 at 
For more information on the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer head to:

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