The top 5 new masques to rescue your skin

The top 5 new masques to rescue your skin

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It's Friday night. You've cancelled your plans. It's time to get your face masque on.

Pour the wine, ladies (and gents) - nothing puts the chill into Netflix and chill like a prime spot of pampering. We're extra excited about the prospect thanks to the latest delivery of face masques from some of our favourite beauty brands - whatever your skin issues, there's a concoction here that has them covered.

Of course, you don't have to limit yourself to just one - multi-masking is more than just an Instagram trend, it's a bona fide way to tailor your skincare ritual to all the different areas of your face. Have congestion on your chin? See Dermalogica's new charcoal masque below. Dryness on your cheeks from the salt and surf of summer? Clinique can help you there. And if your skin's still looking dull after the indulgences of party season, Bobbi Brown's new Radiance Boost beauty is the answer. Read more about our favourite new masques below.

Bobbi Brown Beauty-Boosting Face Masks, $65 each,

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Make-up maven Bobbi Brown knows the value of multi-masking, and her new trio of masques is designed for just that. Use the Instant Detox to clarify and remove impurities with the help of Hawaiian sea water and Amazonian white clay; the Radiance Boost smooths, gently exfoliates and boosts moisture thanks to walnut grains, kaolin clay, algae extract and hyaluronic acid and the creamy Skin Nourish boosts collagen production. Pick your fave or use all three.

Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque, $65,

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Activated Binchotan charcoal draws out excess sebum and build-up, white charcoal purifies, sulfur encourages cell turnover, lactic acid exfoliates, Niacinamide reduces redness and Chilean Wild Mint refines pores - with its potent combination of ingredients, this masque is magic for oily, congested skin. Read more about the skin-saving effects of charcoal here.

Clinique Moisture Surge Melting Mask Balm, $60,

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The multi-purpose oil/balm formula does exactly what it says on the pot - melts into the skin. Dry skin types can use it as a moisturiser, but we love it as a nourishing 10-minute masque to restore hydration levels. It contains apricot, sunflower seed and macadamia oils.

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