The surprising evolution of Blake Lively's beauty look

Text: Anna McClelland

From the Travelling Pants' sisterhood to the Upper East Side, Blake Lively has come a looong way

There was the over-bleached, poker-straight strands paired with frosted pink lip gloss phase, the art teacher phase (yep - see if you can spot it above) and the unfortunate experimentations with salt spray (beachy waves, somewhat surprisingly, are not Blake Lively's best friend). But with over a decade of red carpet appearances under her belt, it's safe to say the bombshell blonde has worked out what suits her (and surgically altered what doesn't...).

Whether she's channelling old Hollywood glamour with a bold red lip and pin-up waves or looking fierce with a power ponytail, these days, Lively can do no wrong. She's proven she can pull off pregnancy beauty with aplomb (she wowed at Cannes recently with the beginnings of a baby bump) and even rocked red hair when filming The Age of Adeline. The one thing that never changes? Her beaming smile (unless you count the lip fillers we suspect she had in '09...).

The surprising evolution of Blake Lively's beauty look (фото 1)

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