The secret weapon for a killer DIY blow dry

The secret weapon for a killer DIY blow dry


Text: Lucie Clark

Why you need this super tool of the trade in your life

Is there anything more envy-inducing than when #iwokeuplikethis arrives in your social feed along with a snap of the most incredible, glossed-up set of tresses you've ever seen?

Probably not. And to be fair, most influencers do quietly admit that it takes around 500 snaps to get one totally casual-yet-perfectly-lit shot. Insta images aside, in real life there is one secret weapon hair stylists and shiny-tressed girls all swear by: a Parlux hair dryer. It's the tool of choice for the expert hands at the blow dry bar and the girls who step out of their home en suite with a seriously killer blow out.

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What makes this Italian-made brand of blower so special is the slew of knockout features it has and the Parlux crew have just released their latest model to Australia, the Parlux Advance Light Ceramic and Ionic Dryer.  Apart from being easy on the biceps (so light!), it's got a speedy 2200 watts of power and promises to be committed to you for the long haul (will last for over 2500 hours).

Now, for those whose biggest battle is frizz that just won't quit, then the ions here really do the work for you. How? Let us break it down.  Hair has both negative and positive charges and the water in wet hair is positive. So, because ionic dryers emit negative ions, they truly help to diffuse and evaporate the H2O molecules in your hair. This means, ionic dryers cause way less damage because you'll be spending less time under intense heat.  A fancy little piece of luxurious engineering, non? You're welcome.

To shop Parlux in Australia:

The secret weapon for a killer DIY blow dry (фото 2)


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