If you're on Instagram, chances are you're familiar with Gypsy Water - that deceptively simple dome-like flask with the nondescript label and glossy black lid. Seemingly in every fashion girl, beauty blogger and model's wardrobe, it also has an impressive celebrity following - Kate Bosworth is one of the perfume's most loyal fans.

If you, like us, get the feeling you woke up one morning, sometime last year, to find that suddenly, every third or fourth image in your newsfeed was casually spruiking the Swedish brand's scents, here's why: Byredo is one of those rare breeds in the fragrance industry that melds unique ingredients with an enviable, finger-on-the-pulse understanding of what the people want - before they know it themselves. The brainchild of cooler-than-cool Ben Gorham, who created the brand in 2006 after a chance meeting with Swedish perfumer Pierre Wulff, Byredo taps the world's leading noses to work on their cult perfumes, before bottling them up into those covetable, minimalist flasks that stand out against flashy mass fragrances.

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The new Gypsy Water? Introducing Byredo's brand new scent

But now, it's time for Gypsy Water to step aside - there's a new kid in town, and she's just as, if not more, alluring. Titled Rose of No Man's Land in tribute to the nurses who saved thousands of soldiers' lives on the frontlines of WWI, the new scent is complex and sophisticated, with top notes of pink pepper and Turkish rose petals, a heart of raspberry blossom and Turkish rose absolute and base notes of papyrus and white amber. If it sounds girly, it isn't: just take one look at the campaign, featuring Danish fave Freja Beha Erichsen, to get the direction they're going in.  

Rose of No Man's Land drops in Australia today; find it exclusively at Mecca

The new Gypsy Water? Introducing Byredo's brand new scent

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