The Buro team's tried & tested: salt sprays

The Buro team's tried & tested: salt sprays

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In a new monthly feature, the Buro team puts the latest beauty products to the test

First up: salt sprays. Summer's coming and nothing says you've spent the weekend at the beach like mussed-up, texturised, voluminous tresses. But a good salt spray can be hard to find - hands up who's spritzed away with abandon only to be left with a sticky, unwieldy mess. Here, we each trialled a different salt spray - some new, some classic - to see how they worked in our hair (all very different lengths, types and colours). Read on for our honest impressions, sans the PR spin. 

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Rebecca Caratti, editor
Product: Sachajuan Ocean Mist, $35,
Why you love it: Sachajuan was actually recommended to me by my hairdresser (Barney Martin) as their products are really good for fine hair. The Ocean Mist gave me just the right amount of grit and texture that I need - without weighing my hair down. The smell was also heavenly!
Why you don't:  There was nothing about it I didn't love.
Would you use it again? Yes! It's my go-to now!

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Yeong Sassall, commercial editor
Product: Bumble & Bumble Surf Infusion, $41,
Why you love it: It delivers soft texture without the usual salt spray crunch or stickiness that I hate. Since my hair is on the longer side (below the shoulders) I don't enjoy it when you can feel a product and this is almost weightless. I'm also not lacking in the body or wavy department, so this gives me piece-y texture, movement and gloss without too much volume. The oil-infused formula also moisturises my dry hair - which is always a winner in my book. Plus, the fragrance isn't too strong - I'm not a fan of sickly coconut or beach-smell salt sprays. 
Why you don't: I tend to only use this on dry, day-old hair - never freshly washed. I tried it on freshly washed wet hair and didn't like the result - it dried too stiff for my liking. Even though it has the oil, it's still a styling product, so I'd probably avoid using it on super clean hair and use it to freshen up hair between washes. Unlike many other salt sprays, it gives minimal volume, so I'd hazard a guess that this is better for thick and long haired girls who already a have natural wave.
Would you use it again? Absolutely, it has just the right balance of soft texturising benefits with nourishing ingredients. 

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Anna McClelland, producer
Product: R+Co Rockaway Salt Spray, $25,
Why you love it: As someone with fine hair and zero natural volume, I'm always looking for products that give body and texture. This delivers both - I applied to wet hair and blow-dried it through the roots to ends for volume that lasted all day - and beyond - without the need for hairspray. It gets extra points for not leaving a sticky film like salt sprays I've used in the past have.
Why you don't: The only negative is that it does tend to leave my hair a little unmanageable on day two. A little oil (I like Evo Love Perpetua Shine Drops) combed through the mid-lengths to ends tends to sort things out.
Would you use it again? Yes, and I have been. It's perfect for when I don't have time to do a proper section-by-section blow dry but still want volume - I just spritz it in and blast away. I'd been put off by salt sprays in the past, which weighed down my fine hair and just left it looking messy, but the R+Co has me converted.

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Diana Pashkovskaia, producer
Product: Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray, $15.99,
Why you love it: I have really curly hair - and when I say curly, I mean it. The spray helps to create separated curls that look effortless, light and truly like surf hair. What I liked about the product is that after using it my hair didn't feel dirty or sticky, it just left me with nicely textured curls.
Why you don't: If you have curly hair you might not notice a big difference after using the product. I think it would work well on girls with straight hair looking for volume.
Would you use it again? I would, but only occasionally when I want to have that surf look without actually getting into the water!


Stay tuned for more beauty product reviews from the Buro team, and let us know if there's a product or category you want us to trial.

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