The Buro team's tried & tested: sheet masques

The Buro team's tried & tested: sheet masques

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So it's almost Christmas, you're strung out at work, you haven't done your Christmas shopping and everyone wants to catch up. For champagne. The hangovers are constant at this time of year (remember when you used to wake up without a headache?), but just when you think you're done with Christmas parties, the NYE festivities begin. For anyone whose skin likes to broadcast to the world just how much you've had to drink and just how little sleep you've been getting, the struggle is real. Enter: sheet masques. Find a good one, and party season suddenly presents no problem at all. We each tried a different masque to see how it suited our skin type - see how we fared below.

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Rebecca Caratti, editor
Product: Karuna Clarifying Face Mask, $12, 
Why you love it: I was hesitant to try this at first as I have extremely sensitive skin and usually leave any face masks/treatments to professionals, but I'm so glad I did it. It was the most luxurious at-home treatment I have ever done. It felt so refreshing, moisturising and the whole experience was so relaxing.  My skin glowed for a week afterwards!
Why you don't: There was nothing about the mask I didn't love.
Would you use it again? Absolutely! I'm adding this face masque to my weekly beauty routine.

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Yeong Sassall, commercial editor
Product: SK-II Facial Treatment Mask, $28,
Why you love it: Super hydrating, it gave my face a pretty glow after 20 minutes and even banished a couple of dry patches.
Why you don't: As an oily skin type, I'd be cautious about overdoing this in summer so would file it under special occasion or winter-only treatment. At times the mask felt like it was going to slide off my face so I'd also recommend not trying to cook dinner while using this.
Would you use it again? Definitely in winter or when my skin was feeling dehydrated and dull.

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Anna McClelland, producer
Product: Ella Bache Extreme Regeneration Mask, $78/pack of two,
Why you love it: The gel-like texture makes this masque like a second skin - I could even do the washing up with it on! My skin felt hydrated and fresh afterwards and the next morning my make-up practically glided on.
Why you don't: I'm a bit concerned it was too intense for my combination skin in summer - at two days in, I have no breakouts to report, but I wait in fear. [Update: two weeks later and still no breakouts! Mask, I'm sorry I doubted you].
Would you use it again? Yes, whenever my skin is feeling thirsty and pre-event to guarantee a smooth base for make-up.

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Diana Pashkovskaia, producer
Product: La Mer The Hydrating Facial mask, $350/pack of six,
Why you love it: I have pretty clear skin so I don't usually do masks, but there are days when I don't drink enough water or spend the day on the beach and it shows on my skin. This brought my skin back to life in minutes (in my case, 30 because I was watching TV and forgot about it, but you only need to leave it on for 15). Next morning my skin was perfect - smooth, hydrated and ready for a new day.
Why you don't: The only thing I found a little uncomfortable is that there's a lot of product in it so it's quite sticky and you have to be careful not to get it everywhere.
Would you use it again? I absolutely loved it! I would definitely use it again. And again. And again!

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