The Buro team's tried & tested: bronzers

The Buro team's tried & tested: bronzers

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Each month, the Buro team puts the latest beauty products to the test

Up this month: powder bronzers. Because we know better than to bake ourselves silly (we're don't-leave-the-house-without-SPF types here), we're seeking the services of faux glow - and our list of requirements is long. Must: brush on easily, stay put all day and impart believable colour. Must not: be too shimmery, too dark, too pink-toned or too orange. We don't ask for much, right? For the past week we each trialled a different bronzer - some new, some cult-status - to find out whether they're worth the hype. Read on for our honest impressions, sans the PR spin. 

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Rebecca Caratti, editor
Product: Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow in Light to Medium, $97,
Why you love it: It sounds like a silly reason to love a product but I'm a sucker for packaging and this compact is sleek and luxe!
Why you don't: It's not an easy bronzer to use - it requires technique as a little goes a long way and you definitely need to blend it in. It's not a bronzer to be used for an overall glow - it's more for sculpting and carving out cheekbones.
Would you use it again? I think I'll leave this one for the make-up artists... my make-up routine is quick and easy so I need my products to be the same. 

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Yeong Sassall, commercial editor
Product: Nars Laguna, $56,
Why you love it: It's quite matte which is great for my oily, shine-prone skin. And the shade is a subtle brown (as opposed to being orange-y) so the glow benefits are natural. I have quite an olive toned/yellow-based complexion and this felt like a good match for my skin tone.
Why you don't: Because it's quite subtle, you have to use a touch more product than usual. 
Would you use it again? Yes, consider me converted to the Nars Laguna cult.

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Anna McClelland, producer
Product: Estée Lauder Bronzed Goddess in Light, $58,
Why you love it: As far as I'm concerned, the search for bronzer ends here. Since I'm so fair I need a bronzer that won't make me look muddy or orange - I just want something to give me a healthy glow. This does that and more - it's not too shimmery and it's easy to shift the product around your face - a blessing if, like me, you occasionally OD on the stuff and need to redistribute fast.  
Why you don't: The brush it comes with is super handy for dusting along the hairline (an MUA trick) and soft contouring work, but I needed to BYO powder brush for my cheeks, forehead and collarbone.
Would you use it again? Yep - it's become my new go-to.

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Diana Pashkovskaia, producer
Product: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Luminous, $74,
Why you love it: As a complete rookie when it comes to make-up, this was the first bronzer I'd ever tried. I put it on before a night out to see how long it lasted and it lived up to my expectations. The texture is very light and it gave me a glow without looking like I had a lot of make-up on.
Why you don't: I didn't have any problems with it and the colour was great - especially for me because I'm naturally very fair.
Would you use it again? No matter how good the product is I think I'll pass on bronzers in general. I blush easily so I don't need any extra colour, but that said I'm going to keep this in my beauty bag for special occasions. 

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