We've handpicked the best face sunscreens that are *guaranteed* to not irritate, clog pores, dry or break you out  

We all know sunscreen should be worn every day (surely you've learnt that by now), but finding the right formula that's comfortable enough to be used daily can be challenging. Unfortunately, sunscreens have developed a horrible stereotype for being thick, white, and exasperating - but SPF products have come a long way since then. Sunscreens nowadays cater for a wider market with many formulas made to suit all kinds of skin needs (yes, even for the oily-skinned folk) - it's just about choosing the right formula.

We've broken down our favourite sunscreens for every skin type and outlined exactly what to look for if you have an oily, dry, acne-prone or sensitive complexion. So you really have no excuse not to 'slop' it on daily now. 

Face first: the 8 best sunscreens for every skin type