Skincare A, B, Cs: find the right vitamins for your skin type

Skincare A, B, Cs: find the right vitamins for your skin type

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Do you know your A, B, Cs?

Because your skin sure does. Just as we make sure we eat vitamin-rich food, when it comes to maintaining a glowing complexion, topical vitamins are an essential ingredient for good skin health.  Serums are the ideal way to get your daily dose, due to their high concentrations of active ingredients.  But before you slather on a cocktail of vitamin-infused skincare, take note: not all vitamins are created equal, and their high potency makes it imperative you use the right one for your skin. Here, we debunk Vitamins A, B and C - work out your recommended intake below.

The pigmentation fighter: Vitamin A

Also known as the anti-ageing vitamin, Vitamin A is a powerful addition to your skincare arsenal. You may know it by another name, retinol - the pigmentation-fighter that fades sun spots and dark circles as well as targeting fine lines. Since it encourages skin cell turnover, Vitamin A promotes a more radiant complexion, but it also makes the skin highly susceptible to sunburn, so a high factor SPF is essential. You should only apply Vitamin A-enriched skincare at night for this reason and should ease your skin into it by applying small amounts at alternate nights until your skin builds up a tolerance.  Another point to note: Vitamin A can't be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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The super-charger: Vitamin B

If your skin tends to get dry or dull, it could be crying out for some Vit-B. Like a Berocca for your skin, the multi-purpose vitamin targets sallowness, restores radiance and soothes redness and irritation - making it ideal for sensitive skin types. B3 (also known as niacinamide) is the best of the bunch as far as your skin is concerned as it increases the production of essential fatty acids, working to fight fine lines as it improves skin tone and texture.

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The antioxidant booster: Vitamin C

For brighter, plumper, better skin, look to Vitamin C-enriched serums. Their high antioxidant content shields the skin from free radicals (the nasties that make you age quicker), helping to prevent premature ageing as well as firming, tightening and smoothing the skin thanks to their role in promoting collagen production.  The research indicates that a product has to contain at least 3-10 per cent Vitamin C to be effective - try the Ultraceuticals newbie below, which contains 10 per cent pure Vit-C as well as powerful peptides. Like Vitamin A, you need to build up your dosage gradually.

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