Sea salt: the surprise skincare star you’ve been missing

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If you thought the sole purpose of salt was to flavour your food you've only heard half the equation: this little rock star - while delicious - also boasts a raft of beauty and wellness benefits

Our bodies and an entire ecosystem (the ocean) are full of salt, which indicates just how essential this ingredient is. Take dehydration for instance - what does the GP prescribe? A saline drip to bring the body back into balance via mineral and salt replenishment. As for the external - salt is an all-star beauty and wellness performer with benefits that range from acting as an antiseptic, to detoxifying, to cleansing, to adding texture (think: blow-dry free beach waves you get after taking an ocean dip), to helping the body and mind relax when you soak in bath salts.

However, not all salts are created equal, regular table salt will make your food taste better but it doesn't contain the same minerals as sea salt does so it's not worth pouring a bunch in the bath and waiting for the relaxation to begin (it won't). Sea salt, on the other hand, is stacked with good-for-you minerals like magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium, all of which pack a powerful punch in turning your skin and general wellbeing from a low-fi dull to a radiant mermaid-esque glow.

From hair care products to cellulite erasing wonder scrubs, here are six top salty beauty and wellness products to get your glow on:

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