Rouge Coco: the lipstick every woman should own

Rouge Coco: the lipstick every woman should own

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Image: Chanel

The lips have it: Chanel's iconic lipstick has had a makeover, making it more essential than ever

In 24 new shades and a rich new formula, Rouge Coco has stepped it up a notch. Or ten. With a creamy consistency and ultra-fine pigments, the luxury lipstick glides on and stays on, without drying out.

We have Chanel's new Hydraboost complex to thank: a nourishing formulation of plant waxes, butters and polymers that offer creaminess without thickness, filling creases to prevent your statement lip from feathering. The formulation promises to plump and smooth lips while saturating them with colour.

The 24 new shades are each named after Coco Chanel's inner circle and range from bold reds to natural nudes, vibrant berry tones to striking oranges.

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