Perk up: the 4 best exfoliating coffee scrubs

Text: Anna McClelland

But first, shower

If you gravitate towards the smell of freshly ground Arabica every morning, you need this in your life. Because while that skim flat white does wonders when it comes to waking you up before your 9am, it's doing precious little to tackle the cellulite you'll be showing off in a few weeks' time, when - we hate to break it to you - bikini season starts again.

A coffee scrub, on the other hand, is the caffeine hit your body, not your brain, is crying out for. Thought to help stimulate blood circulation, a tri-weekly scrub with the stuff works to smooth out uneven skin tone and may even banish cellulite. Now we're talking.

We're sure you're all familiar with the Insta-famous Frank coffee scrubs (now with added Peppermint for post-workout scrubs, Cacao for antioxidants and Coconut for sensitive skin), but there's a host of other, equally energising scrubs you need to know about. Our top picks above blend (mostly organic) coffee grains with sweet almond or coconut oil for added hydration, sea salt for a natural antiseptic and Vitamin E to leave skin extra-smooth. Shop the lot above.

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