The 7 best hand creams that actually work

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With all the texting, thumb-scrolling and typing we do on the regular - it's time to give your mitts some much needed TLC

When it comes to pesky, dry, cracked hands, you want something that's going to work fast and work well - but sometimes all we're left with is a sticky and oily residue. Or worse; a hand cream that carries a horribly overbearing smell with hardly any hydration at all. So unsurprisingly, we don't blame you for ditching the not-so-handy cream to the bottom of your beauty barrel. 

But what if, there was a magical hand cream that can be used year-round, is deliciously scented (but not competing with your perfume), anti-ageing,  and nourishes your skin? Well, we've found seven of them. 

Here we present to you our favourite hand creams that will make your digits dance with joy and soon become your number one purse priority:

The 7 best hand creams that actually work (фото 1)

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