Must-have masques: 3 of the best to revive winter skin

Must-have masques: 3 of the best to revive winter skin

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In need of an instant skin pick-me-up? Mark a masque night into your diary, stat

Once relegated to the too-hard basket, at-home masques are making a comeback. Just take a look at your Instagram feed - amongst the yoga poses and Santorini getaways, you'll find a host of ghost-like models proudly displaying their product-smothered faces. Them: #seeilookgoodnomatterwhat. Us: #f**kyou.

Blame the model's masquerading or the rise of labour-intensive (but incredibly effective) Korean beauty regimens, but the masque is moving up in the world. And with good reason: there's nothing better to quickly revitalise and replenish your skin after winter has had its wicked way with it. So book yourselves in for a night with nothing but Netflix for company and pick your poison from one of the guaranteed face-savers below. Masque selfie optional.

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1. Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask, $170,

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A cult product beloved by beauty editors, the Black Rose Cream Mask is the crème de la crème of at-home anti-ageing treatments.  A potent cocktail of botanical extracts, this masque banishes signs of fatique to leave skin looking refreshed, plumped and smooth.  Use up to three times a week to really see results. Plus, it smells delicious. 

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2. Ella Baché Extreme Regeneration Mask, $78/pack of two,

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We always look to Ella Baché for results-driven skincare, and their brand spanking new Extreme Regeneration Mask takes the cake. Similar in concept to Korean gel masques, the formula moulds to your face like a second skin, infusing hyaluronic acid, collagen and bio-cellulose to deliver intense rehydration and cell regeneration. Skin appears refreshed, soothed and beautifully hydrated - but you'll look like something out of Aliens as you wear it.

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3. By Terry Cellularose Hydradiance Mask, $110,

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Launched just this week, French skincare brand By Terry's newest addition to their luxe Cellularose range is a brightening masque that doubles as an ultra-rich night cream. Ideal for winter-weary skin in need of a radiance boost, it can be applied onto face and - added bonus - the eye area, and left on for 10 minutes or even overnight. The formula capitalises on roses' native cells to work its magic.  

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