Margot Robbie: her 40 sexiest looks

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Tracking the best looks from Aussie-girl-turned Hollywood siren Margot Robbie

Part Hollywood sex symbol, part girl next door - Margot Robbie is the fresh-faced seductress who's managed to captivate the world thanks to charm, talent and sheer willpower. The current toast of the silver screen and face of Calvin Klein's Deep Euphoria campaign, Margot may have risen to the top at breakneck speed, but if she's scared, she sure doesn't show it. With a style evolution as impressive as her rapidly expanding CV, Margot's provocative choice of film roles is as daredevil as her approach to beauty. Just like her impeccable Gucci and Calvin Klein fashion choices of late, Margot is comfortable experimenting with goth lipstick, braids and even darker locks, using every red-carpet moment to try something new.

In fact, as she moved from beach babe, to bronzed goddess, to high-fashion clothes horse, Margot is proof that the trick to being a great character actress is the ability to be a true chameleon. Click through the gallery above for a glimpse at her sexiest, most versatile looks.  

Margot Robbie: her 40 sexiest looks (фото 1)

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