Long haul flight essentials

Long haul flight essentials

Mile high musts

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She jets around the globe spruiking her famed beauty brand: now Benefit Cosmetics Global Beauty Authority Annie Ford-Danielson reveals her travelling essentials

When Annie Ford-Danielson shares her beauty secrets, you listen. Not only is she the official Global Beauty Authority at Benefit, make-up is in her blood: her mother and aunt are Jean and Jane Ford, founders of the billion dollar business that is Benefit. Flying into Sydney to launch the Bold is Beautiful philanthropy program, she lets us in on her long haul flight routine. 

"I do the same thing every flight I go on, whether it's a two hour flight or a 15 hour flight," Ford-Danielson says. "I try to work out the day I leave, or the day before if I'm leaving in the morning. I went to a spin class before my flight to Australia - I try to tire myself out so that I get on the flight and I'm exhausted." 

Her number one rule is more a must-not than a must-have. "Don't drink too much," she says. "Two glasses of wine should be anyone's max on a flight, I think - to be drunk on a plane is just not cute."

Instead, Ford Danielson drinks as much water as she can to counter the drying effects of plane air-con and - although this one's not for the faint-hearted - always goes sans make-up. "My mum always used to say that you've got to let the skin breathe," says Ford-Danielson. "So I wear no make-up on flights, none whatsoever." 

What she does do is slather on hydrating skincare to arrive at her destination fresh-faced. "It's all about eye cream, moisturiser and my hair in a ponytail," she says. "I use our It's Potent eye cream, I'm obsessed with it because it's so thick, it's almost like a masque." 

"I put it in the mini bar fridge because you tend to be puffy and retaining water after a long flight, so I like to really massage it in."

Once she hits the ground, Ford Danielson swears by Hello Flawless foundation and Fake Up hydrating crease-control concealer. "I wear Hello Flawless liquid foundation because I'm super dry but it really hydrates and makes you glow," she says. "No matter how tired you are - I put it on this morning and just thought, 'thank God for foundation!'"

Amen to that. 

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