If you could paint an olfactory picture of the "morning after" - the luminous flush of endorphins, the uncertainty,  pounding heartbeats and fleshy rush to the head- what would its lingering trail be? Would it be sweet? Floral? Heady? Well, if you're Jonathan Anderson, Loewe creative director and the man charged with reinvigorating the Spanish brand back into the cultural sphere, it would be all of these things.

LOEWE  001 are two fragrances, simply entitled "Woman" and "Man" and through a sense of purity and intimacy, evoke that feeling of waking up, twisted in sheets, sunlight streaming through the curtains the morning  after a passionate tryst.  

Both scents start with energising top notes of tangerine and bergamot and  grounding sandalwood at heart. At the core of "Woman" lives heady and passionate jasmine and vanilla, while the core notes of the male fragrance feature cedar and a devoted trail of musk. 001 arrives in store this season, just in time for fall in love with spring.

Loewe’s new his and hers fragrances are made for intimacy