Liquid gold: 7 seriously skin-changing face oils

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Not getting enough out of your night cream?

If, no matter how much of the stuff you slather on religiously each night, your skin is still looking dull or dry, a little liquid gold could be just what the dermatologist ordered. Whether you take it straight (2-3 drops will generally do) or blend in with your moisturiser or even foundation for an extra dewy finish, a facial oil can honestly work wonders.

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We know what you're thinking: won't oil make me break out? Won't it look shiny and feel sticky? No sir. Instantly absorbing and not remotely greasy, the oils we suggest are non-comedogenic (ie they won't give you acne) and glide onto the skin like a silky, nourishing veil - that's completely absorbed by the time your head hits the pillow. We like to limit our oil intake to only at night (especially with summer coming), but really, once you've seen the difference it can make to your skin (hello, lit-from-within glow), you'll want to use the stuff all day long.

Just choose your oil wisely - yes, it seems like every model is touting the benefits of rosehip, but there are whispers (verified by one or two skin professionals we trust with our own visages) that in its unadulterated form, it can make you break out. Better to opt for a pimped-up plant oil blended with proven skin-saving ingredients (think vitamins E, C and retinol) for a treatment you can trust to truly replace your night cream - and doubly deliver on the results. Oil up with one of our faves above. 

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