Insta-fantasies: the most seductive in-bed selfies

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There is truly nothing more pleasurable than laying in bed. If you don't believe us, here's 40 of the most beautiful women fighting hard for the cause 

It felt like handheld voyeurism hit an all-time peak this year when the humble in-bed selfie became one of the sexiest trends to hit socials. We scrolled and gazed and double-tapped our way into the most beautiful women's intimate places: their sun-filled bedrooms, their pure white sheets... We watched them document their personal time away from flashing bulbs and studio sets... It seemed so bad, but we couldn't look away - partly because we're all yearning for a sleep-in and partly because, well, dreams.

Here, we round up 40 of the hottest, sexually seductive bedroom-eye'd selfies of the year, for your pleasure. 

Insta-fantasies: the most seductive in-bed selfies (фото 1)

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