Heat styling made simple: hot rollers revamped

Heat styling made simple: hot rollers revamped

Easy does it

Site: Anna McClelland

Image: VS Sassoon

Hot rollers get a bad rap. Spurned in favour of tongs and wands, they're the overlooked middle child of the hair styling family

Until now: the VS Sassoon Secret Curl Silicone Pop Up rollers, $92.95, deserve their place at the front of your beauty cupboard, right next to your GHD and Parlux dryer. Offering an easy  and gentle way to curl hair without creating those pesky creases, the clip-free rollers heat up quickly and are coated in a silicone surface to promote shine. 

There are two roller sizes for different hair lengths and types, allowing you to vary the tightness of the curl. Buro insider tip: seek out pin curl clips to keep locks in place - whatever you're curling them with - until you're ready to leave the house. Visit

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