Girls with curls: 15 celebs giving us major hair envy

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If there's one lesson we've learnt from fashion month, it's that curls are making a comeback

From Alexander Wang's gloriously dishevelled mops to the bouncy blow drys at Diane Von Furstenberg, not to mention the clouds of curls topping the heads of the most on point street style stars from London to Milan (Yasmin Sewell, we salute you and your buoyant brunette mane), it's clear: this season, fashion girls want curls. And lots of them.

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None of this slept-in, naturally textured, has-she-or-hasn't-she-used-a-ghd business - it's time to embrace - even exaggerate - your hair's natural curl. The brave can channel tizzy '80s perm style (yep, we said the 'p' word), tight twists à la Sarah Jessica Parker in her Sex and the City heyday or a mass of cascading ringlets to best replicate what we're seeing at Fashion Week. Take inspiration from our gallery above of the celebrities with the best heads of curly hair we've ever seen - and then load up on mousse. You're going to need it.

Girls with curls: 15 celebs giving us major hair envy (фото 1)

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