Crowning glory: 40 of Kate Middleton’s best hair days

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Kate Middleton easily has one of the most envied manes in the world - here, we chart her hair evolution from girlfriend-in-waiting to the Duchess of Cambridge

Up, down, straight, wavy or curly - Kate Middleton is surely a master of many hairstyles. But despite her chameleonic hair qualities, her locks are always consistently shiny, bouncy and chestnut brown. And even if she rarely strays from her loosely waved medium length brunette 'do, over the years she's toyed with side fringes, highlights and layers, much to the royal-watching public's delight. In fact, today you may have noticed she debuted a lob at Wimbledon, proving that even the slightest changes can completely refresh your look.

As the world marvels at the Duchess of Cambridge's latest look, join us a as we take a moment and revisit some of Kate's most winning (and controversial) hair moments. While we're sure that having a royal hairstylist is one surefire way to achieve your ultimate #hairgoals, we think Kate can surely teaching everyone a thing or two. 

Crowning glory: 40 of Kate Middleton’s best hair days (фото 1)

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