Sex on the beach: 40 models showing some summer skin

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We all want that effortless just-rolled-in-from-the-surf look this summer - here, 26 celebs show you how to bare all 

Bronzed skin. Barely there make-up. Tousled beach hair. Think of these as your three summer beauty commandments, because when temperatures soar above 30 and you're hitting the beach almost daily, your routine should be one thing only: easy.

Forget caking on heavy foundation and opt for tinted moisturisers and BB cream formulas instead. Shelve your hairdryer and embrace au naturale texture or salt spray-assisted waves. And get your tanning and exfoliation regime in order, because if there's one thing that imparts instant bikini body confidence it's having a bronzed glow.

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While we can't promise nailing these three things will magically equate to Victoria's Secret levels of sexiness (you can thank genetics and God for that), if there's one thing to be learned from these bikini babes, it's that warm weather calls for some serious dialled-back beauty business. After all, more time spent in front of the mirror just means less time at the beach. And who's got time for that?

Sex on the beach: 40 models showing some summer skin (фото 1)

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