Better than a balm: 6 of the best lip treatments

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Banish dryness, fine lines and signs of ageing with these 6 amped-up lip treatments 

Cold, windy weather and indoor heating can wreak havoc on the delicate skin on your face. And while your usual lip balm usually does the trick throughout summer, spring and autumn; when winter hits your pout is usually the first place to feel it. A cracked, peeling and dry pout doesn't just ruin any chance of wearing lipstick or gloss, it can also hurt - a lot. Oh yeah, then there's the fine lines and wrinkles that start appearing around your mouth as you grow older and your skin starts to lose collagen and elasticity - joy.

Thankfully, there's a ton of great products that work to do the heavy lifting where your lips are concerned. From treatments to target dryness and wrinkles to overnight miracle workers, add these babies to you daily routine for a plump, hydrated and line-free pout. 

Better than a balm: 6 of the best lip treatments (фото 1)

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