7 luxe body oils to use instead of moisturiser

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For a hefty hydro hit, swap your standard summer moisturiser for one of these luxurious body oils

Luxurious and wildly hydrating for your skin - body oils are the best way to leave your limbs glowing, supple and smelling expensive. Just like moisturisers, they are ideal to use straight after the shower to lock in hydration and keep your skin's texture feeling gorgeously smooth. But before you start panicking, oils don't leave any type of residue, greasiness, stickiness (or anything else you're afraid of), just simply the most beautiful radiance and touch of shimmer to your entire body.  

But here's the good news: most of your signature scents now come with a partnered body oil. So if your eau de parfum is a little heavy-handed during the humid months, simply swap it for its oil cousin and you'll be looking as good as you smell. Click through the gallery to see our favourite aromatic body oils for summer.

7 luxe body oils to use instead of moisturiser (фото 1)

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