5 face-saving sheet masks for clear summer skin

Site: Lucie Clark

Image: Image: @romeestrijd

Spent summer outdoors soaking up the rays and putting in serious beach time? Super fun for the soul but not for the skin with the sun, surf and sand leaving our faces looking dull and dried up

But don't worry, a dull summer-ravaged visage can be easily revived with a little help from a face-saving sheet mask packed with slick science-backed ingredients. There's a raft of newbies on the market targeting everything from dullness to pigmentation to deep cleansing.

Word to the wise, sheet masks work, but they're pretty crazy to look at (they closely resemble the hockey mask Jason from horror franchise Friday the 13th favoured) - so best plan a solo night in on the evening you're donning one of these face-savers.

Scroll through for five of the best new sheet masks to try now:

5 face-saving sheet masks for clear summer skin (фото 1)

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