42 celeb Instagrams that nearly got banned

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Image: Instagram

Talk about raunchy - these 42 nearly nude celebrity Instagrams were perilously close to getting banned. Click through the gallery above to see why

Did you think Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski's topless selfie was raunchy? Pfft. That's nothing. Last week's bathroom bonanza was just the tip on the iceberg, especially when there's an increasing number of celebs, models and pop stars who are more than happy to toe the line of Instagram's 'no nudes' policy. With nipple covers and modesty towels aplenty - we take a look at some of the raunchy shots that tried to elude the prying eyes of Instagram's most stringent censors.

Whether for #freethenipple, #liberated or just plain #sexy reasons, you have to admit these celebs were mighty brave for going there...

42 celeb Instagrams that nearly got banned (фото 1)

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