22 celebrities with the best balayage we've ever seen

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Love the look of balayage? You're not alone

It's the beauty trend that's blown all others out of the picture - remember chunky highlights and slicing? Yeah, neither do we. Just when we thought we might be moving on, along came another head of stunning free-painted hair that made us fall hard for balayage all over again.

And what's not to love? When you hand-paint tonal variations from the mid-lengths to ends, you create the kind of sun-kissed, effortless, Gisele Bündchen-esque effect that gives a luminous dimension to hair and magically lifts the face. It's low maintenance (no roots to fret over!) and pretty much gave birth to the bronde trend, since the best balayage runs from dark caramel to golden honeyed tones.

The key to a good balayage job is subtlety - the idea is not to emerge from the hairdressers resembling a block of Top Deck. It works best with a soft wave tonged through so your lighter locks catch the light. Whether you're a dark brunette à la Lily Aldridge or flaxen blonde like Amber Heard, we've hunted down the best balayage jobs for all hair colours and cuts in our gallery above.

22 celebrities with the best balayage we've ever seen (фото 1)


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