10 top hairdressers' number 1 hair products

10 top hairdressers' number 1 hair products

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For every type of hair product, there are about a hundred different options

Some work a dream; others simply fail to deliver. But why spend a fortune (not to mention a string of bad hair days) testing them all when you can simply ask the experts? From the products they simply couldn't work without to the ones they keep in their own bathroom cupboards, we asked Australia's top 10 hair stylists for the hero product in their collection. Here's what we found.

1. Anthony Nader, RAW Anthony Nader,

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"Call me anything but cheap, but I love a two-in-one that my precious clients and I can get value from. I'm talking Oribe's The Foundation Mist, which doubles as neutraliser if you have product overload and need to restyle your hair so it feels freshly washed again. I find I need to use this more often than not when I'm on a photo shoot and the model walks in with a ton of product in her hair and I need to create a new shape quick smart. It also works a gem in my salon when I have a client in the chair, as this little gem conditions and detangles without weighing the hair down."

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2. Barney Martin, Barney Martin Hair,

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"Pantene Volume Booster Dry Shampoo creates texture on fine or limp hair and can totally revitalise a day old blow dry. The formula has no tell-tale white residue, it's readily available and kind to your hip pocket!"

3. Kevin Murphy,

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"My all-time favourite product would be EASY.RIDER - it's a classic in my range and is the ultimate hydrating cream for any texture of hair. You can layer it with other products or use it on its own."

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4. Jon Sewell, Jon Sewell Hair,

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"The product I couldn't do without is Wella SP Luxe Oil Reconstructive Elixir. It's a nourishing, weightless oil that's great for most hair types; it helps repair the outside of the hair shaft and aids blow-drying and styling. It's also a great cutting tool as it leaves the hair silky and smooth but still allows you to get body and movement."

5. Paloma Rose Garcia, Oscar Oscar,

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"As a wash and wear gal I love using Redken's Diamond Oil in my hair. I pop it in freshly washed hair through the mid lengths and ends then let it air dry. Love, love, love this product as it keeps my locks looking expensive and hydrated!"

6. Alan White,

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"R+Co are at the forefront of hair product development and in particular I can't do without their Outer Space Flexible Hairspray. It's a working spray with memory and flexibility, which means you can set hair, use heat styling tools, volumise, completely deconstruct hair and then work hair back to where you started without any residue or stiffness, time and time again. The more you work Outer Space the more enhanced reality hair has, while maintaining an element of luxury that has cool stamped all over it. It gives me everything I need in a product."

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7. Jaye Edwards, Edwards & Co.,

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"My favourite product at the moment would have to be the Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray from Oribe. The difference with the Après Spray is that is moisturises your hair so you can keep those tousled, soft, sun-kissed waves, without making your hair look tacky. It's great because you can spray it onto wet or dry hair for lush repair and soft texture."

8. Marie Uva, UVA salon,

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"Wella colour is my number one. I've been using it my whole career and I don't use anything else, it gives the perfect colour every time. But if you were going to take all my styling products away from me and I could only keep one, I'd choose the new Eleven Flexible Hold Hairspray every time."

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9. Brad Ngata, Brad Ngata Hair Direction,

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"My absolute go to is Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick Beauty Balm - a fantastic smoothing, nourishing cream that absorbs divinely into the hair, leaving it feeling silky smooth. It's great for all hair types. Love it."

10. Renya Xydis, Valonz,

10 top hairdressers' number 1 hair products (фото 10)

"I am obsessed with SP LuxeOil Reconstructive Elixir, it is definitely the best on the market! The lightweight formula doesn't create any build-up or leave my hair looking oily. My hair is always left smooth and shiny after I apply it - and it smells amazing!"

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